Version 1.0 Build of the Diginet Navy Network Web Forums

The Diginet Navy Network is the home website of the Diginet Navy Network steam group. It's basically all thats left of the original Digibutter.nerr community. Originally it was some estranged attempt to avoid the Net neutrality police, but then it just kinda turned into a regular old forum. It's built from scratch and is based off the original Digibutter, with formatting and design elements from Nerr 2.0 implemented to streamline it and make it more user friendly. It can be found at :

Version 1.0 Edit

The Diginet Navy Network 1.0 was a peer-to-peer darknet confederation of websites strung together by members of the Diginet Navy. The trunk index provides links to each branch host, each of whom upkeep a mirror of the Diginet Navy forums, alongside any other service he or she wishes to provide. The prevailing theory is that should net neutrality ever break, the Diginet Navy will have a self-repairing information index in which to hide shamelessly.

Version 2.0 Edit


The second version was modeled after the original Digibutter, and is far more functional than its dark-net based predecessor. This time, the website was hosted on ex-soviet era military servers in the Siberian wastes, so its up far more of the time. Its currently still in development, but is perfectly functional as is.


The Diginet Navy Network was first formulated by a user named Dimfish, mainly as a reaction the the recent movement in the US Congress regarding net neutrality laws. He then later poured his efforts into engineering the network and its base websites from scratch. The network officially launched on December 31st, 2013 at 11:24 PM EST. It then went down right away. Two years later and after the Net Neutrality was saved he re-surged the site out of boredom and lack of a decent place to chat. This time he built it out of real code and not duct-taped together javascript code.

Known IssuesEdit

At launch the 1.0 forums did not work because the Java file that they depended on was not finished processing. This is why you should never touch Java even if it had the cure for your cancer.

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