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"The ratio of female moderators to male moderators reflects the ratio of female members to male members." --Francine on gender differences

General Information Edit

Francine's theme as an identity is a Communist (specifically Soviet Russian) who enjoys firearms and explosive projectiles. Every so often, she will include a Russian Reversal in her posts.

Francine was one of the original six moderators of the forum. She was the only female moderator on the team.

Name Changes Edit

  • Originally joining as Francine due to the fact that the username Timpani had been taken, Francine changed her name to Timpani shortly after the Name Change item was introduced.
  • As a joke name, she changed her name to Stephen Colbert, known from the Comedy Central show The Colbert Report.
  • On a more serious identity change, she changed to Noir Harlequin, who is currently one of her alternate characters.
  • Before the permanent names were set it, she returned to Francine.

Alternate Characters Edit

  • Cassandra, an arrogant woman with telekinetic powers. Fights with telekinesis and blade-like jewels on the back of her gloves. Text color is indigo.
  • Soviet Leader Francine, a short-tempered woman with a rocket launcher always on hand. Fights with her arsenal of firearms, ofter a shotgun or rocket launcher, and has the ability to call upon a barrage of nuclear warheads. Text color is crimson.
  • Noir Harlequin, a person shrouded in mystery. She pretends to serve and entertain all who she encounters while planning her way to domination over all. She never opens her eyes. Fights with gymnast-like flexibility and agility, miniature knives stored in her harlequin hat that cease to run out, and Molotov cocktails. Text color is dark blue.

All three of her role play characters exist in one body. Whenever another takes over the body, the physical appearance also changes.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is currently attending a high school where she must choose a major. Her major is Commercial Art and Graphic Design.

Links Edit

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