This fad came out in full force for a brief time within the Role-Play Off-Topic forum, which allows the use of one of the site's latest features, Role-Play Characters. It's died out for the most part, but every once in a rare while has the chance of a topic or two flaring up again randomly.

This fad originated from the creation of a thread made by LordBlumiere, titled "Hail Dimentio...", which, since its conception, has set the record as the longest thread on Digibutter, with over 130 pages and 2000 posts.

Next came the second major "Hail ______!" topic, "Hail Bleck...", which was started by rawrskey's RP character, Hammer Bro. It has reached over 60 pages and 1000 posts.

Following these since then, far smaller 'fad following threads' have popped up on occasion, namely during their first big tidal wave. They're all titled along the lines of "Hail ______!", and usually 'hail' some random person, place, thing, or idea.

Hail Spam!

Hail SpammerGuy!