Jack(AKA:CBSpaghetti) is Sandslash's first Roleplay alt. Ever.

Basic InfoEdit



Affiliations:Mimiga Village


Jack just sorta came...He was kidnapped by Canadians, however, and was sent to Digibutter for no reason whatsoever. He also must have been raped by Rocky Wrench's machines, because he became CBSpaghetti, a Rabbot with a mission:To hack Digibutter. As of yet, he is being held in one of Rocky's many weapons warehouses. But some day, when Fat Mario takes the leading role in Hotel Mario 2:Bowser Strikes back, it is told that Jack will come back safely.


Jack likes Nastasia.


Jack doesn't have shit, but CBSpaghetti has jet feet, laser fingers, hacking abilities, and much, much more.

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