Jynx the boo is known as an alternate character to Frozenwinters oddly enough though, Jynx is rarely used and is Frozenwinters superior.
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Jynx at night

Bio Edit

Name: Jynx

Speices: Boo

Originated: Abyss of the tundra

Age: Nyehh, old enough to be dead.

Affiliations: Digibutter.nerr

Colour: Light blue in the dark, a paler blue in the light.

Element: Ice

History Edit

At the start of this years first Back to School Partay, everything was typical and normal. Aside from the few suspicions, the few seconds of half sanity the main plot was set, and all chaos was set free. But what few people know, is that beyond the epically staged plot, there was a mini plot being held by Ashley/Mona and Frozenwinters. They recited...;

Ancient spirit of ice

Creator of the snow

Revive yourself today

Let your cold winds blow

Bringer of the dark

Destroyer of the light

Bring to us your power

Of your icy might

Fell your blizzard upon us all

Let the seas be chopped

If not gone by midnight

Let it be unstopped

Now's the time

Clear the sky of blue

Come to us

I repeat, this is your cue.

-Sadly it was wrong chant and let forth MegaJynx. Sadly, few actually saw the Uber bonus plot... As MegaJynx froze down enemies and spammed down boards, users where getting a tad annoyed. After gaining a couple Ice minions his dreams were demolished when they died, melted or quit. So, having no support, he was sent making into the abyss of the tundra. Again.

Rumor Edit

A fictional ghost for what most people know. Rumor has it that this Ice ghost only appears at board partys. All you have to do is swirl your glass of what ever (Ice must be in the glass aswell), while chanting;

Jynx Teh Boo,

Turn this party blue,

Nothing really is happening

Because I want to see you.

Repeat this three times, and the last time pause then say

I repeat, this is your que.

And your Frosty party guest will stay in town intill midnight (His time)

About Edit

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"What did you except? Ice-cream?"

Jynx is know to be troublesome and adventurous. Once calling Upon this Ice ghost, there is no stopping him, and his fun. Don't worry, he doesn't get in too much trouble, he usually just keeps boards alive, or make everyone in it hail it.

Glam. Shots Edit

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