A mysterious hidden message was left behind in the UserShop Details of a supposedly banned user, Lord Bowser.

Unsolved Theories Edit

The Hidden Member.... Edit

Recently, a hidden member was browzing the forum in the late hours. A topic was made concerning the hidden member who refused to reveal himself, however, jokingly, TotalSpaceshipGuy3 posted speculating it was him. The usershop of the banned Lord Bowser had been updated a few moments after the hidden user had logged on. There is no true evidence if these are linked in any way but it seems incredibly likely since only Lord Bowser can edit his own shop and he was not present in the User Online list at the time.

A setup? Edit

When the information of Lord Bowser's banning had just been spread into the public, many thought that was some sort of hoax. However, in Lord Bowser's profile it showed User Titles of "Banned" and "Benned". Yet, other banned members do not show these messages and Lord Bowser had previously tried to pull off the same stunt with great success. This theory is plausible but not fully consequential. However, it does explain the above theory in further detail.

Koopa king unbanned? Edit

This is the most likely theory. Perhaps Lord Bowser has been unbanned so that he can appear in the midst of the party chaos to surprise everyone. A message from Francis in the Announcement forum almost hints at this. "As usual, lookout for new items and a few other surprises..." Whether or not this is just a coincidence is unknown at the moment.

The Mysterious Usershop information Edit

Lord Bowser is obviously up to something BIG, this time around. A subliminal message in his User-shop details a giveaway hint about his intentions.

Lord Bowser's items in his shop wrote, "Resistance is impossible. All of you have no chance to survive. Digibutter is mine. Run, pip-squeaks!"

After two items were bough, the message now reads, "Resistance is impossible. Noone can stop me. Digibutter will soon be only mine! Run, pip-squeaks!"

Noone knows the true meaning behind this message.

Everyone... keep your guard up.