Luvbi is a member of digibutter. Love, Captain Obvious.

He has been a member for quite a long time, and commonly leaves and comes back a few weeks later after getting bored. Luvbi also has a bit of a negative reputation, as he tends to anger people just for some laughs. He also doesn't approve of the RP Off-Topic forum, and stays away from it when possible.

He has gone through multiple usernames, including f yeah seaking (by mistake), Weavile, The King of Hyrule, and Akruru (his username on most other sites). Currently, Luvbi's username is Luvbi, Holder of HEART due to somebody else registering under the name "Luvbi" and will probably stay that way unless nametags get re-added.


  • Crazy Cody and Luvbi, Holder of HEART are MUGEN players.
  • Luvbi, Holder of HEART and Yellow Magikoopa are [SIZE=24][B]SASUKE LIEKS PELVIC THRUSTS[/B][/SIZE]

Summed UpEdit


  • Yellow Magikoopa approves of this message. Good day to you, sir.

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