Majora Small

The Psychotic Majora

Dimentio was actually Majora!

A member for at least six months, is in a way suspicious. Still with no relationships. He doesn't post that much, but he watches every post anyone else makes.

He owns a shop that sold Majora's Mask to Top Minion Tails while RPing close to Halloween time with said consumer

How he got back said mask is not known.

He has RP characters mostly that revolve around Majora.

He has a shop called The Moon that sells many unique items.

Majora usually RPs in topics that have to do with Skull Kid, Kid Link, or any other Majora's Mask character.

RP Characters Edit

Majora: Unable to obtain information.

Goht: No information available.

Zant: Majora's second puppet

Per: Per's a descendant of Tatl and Tael, and has Tael's stubborn personality, mixed in with Tatl's obnoxiousness. He has a younger sister that's 14 named Heel. Per travels all over the Spirit Sea, Great Sea, and other seas. Per is always ready for an adventure.

Heel: Heel's a descendant of Tatl and Tael, and she is very sassy, and skips important details. She has an older brother that's 15 named Per, and he has a stubborn personality, and can be obnoxious. Heel would like to stay on a nice island and relax while her brother travels all over the Spirit Sea, Great Sea, and other seas, and Heel may even join Per in exploring their home sea. Heel loves to relax, or go on a vacation.

Shadow Star: An ordinary Shadow Star.

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