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" Asdkjf!" - An often saying from Petey Piranha.

Petey is a very active member and is very competitive.
Petey Piranha Z

Petey in his newer form!

About the Dour Flower Edit

Joined: 05 Jun 2007

Total posts: 3002

[1.92% of total / 34.11 posts per day]

Formerly: Petey Piranha, Sasuke, Petey Piranha, Merluvlee, Rock-Lee, Kiba Inuzuka, Kabuto Yakushi

Post-Quality: 0

Location: My Windmill

Website: Naruto Fan Forums

Occupation: Eating things, sports and parties


He has a rivalry with many members, especially Creepy Mario.

Cards Edit

The cards where originally his idea, but Creepy Mario claimed they were his and started making them. He was alright with that.

However, after joining the Halberd, Meta-Knights forum, he made cards them and decided to make them for Digibutter too. Everything was still alright.

His first card design

Petey made many other non-successful shops that angered Creepy and lead him to flaming Petey.

Much after that he decided to make a new design.

2nd card design.

Then He made a newer card design.

The Newset card design.

Rivalry Edit

He has much of an enemy out of Creepy Mario with the cards. Will it ever be settled? What will happen? Who knows.

Will it be settled?

Name Changes Edit

He has changed his name several times. Sasuke, back to Petey, then Merluvlee, then to Rock Lee, around to Kiba Inuzuka, then to Kabuto Yakushi, and back to Petey.

Alts Edit

His alts are:

Petey Piranha Z, P373y P1r@n4@ and, Petey Piranha X
Petey Piranha Z

Petey Piranha Z

Petey Piranha X

Petey Piranha X

= Trivia Edit

He hates Creepy Mario.

When he was Sasuke he was called "emo."