The Story of Shrowser... Edit

Once upon a time, a spy shroob came down to earth and found Elder Princess Shroon residue mixed with Bowser's drool... He picked it up and flew back to their newly-conquered planet which they Shroogamm. He put the residue in a cloning machine and a beastly figure emerged from a cloud of smoke. That figure was SHrowser, mix between the Elder Princess and Bowser. He took over the planet and had the shroob that made him Prince Shroob. He continues to rule to the very day.

Shrowser is actually a real character from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, but the member did not know this until after he joined, and so Shrowser (member) created his own backstory. We can, from the very different-looking sprite and backstory, say that the Shrowser member and the Shrowser from M&L: PiT are different characters.

Random Creepy Mario Edit

-Shrowser has since changed his name to Creepy Mario, which is Mario with black overalls, extremely pale skin, and creepy facial expressions.

-Creepy Mario is also an excellent spriter, is great friends with Whacka, and at one point attempted to create a Digibutter game but quit.

-Creepy has developed a huge grudge against a fellow DigiMember, Petey Pirahna due to past experiences on Pikmin Returns and Slick HQ forums. Many people think he's insane for disliking Petey, but no one really knows their mysterious past...

-Hario once made a video on LiveVideo called "Super Creepy Mario 64 does Bowser in the Sky." Creepy watches this video every day.

-Creepy Mario may be affiliated with the pizza chef at Chuck E. Cheese, whos name has recently been discovered as Pasqually.

-He has a very successful shop for being fairly new.

The Digibutter RPG Edit

The RPG was going to be big. The biggest thing since Lord Bowser's apparent banning. Creepy Mario began to brainstorm ideas for this game. It was going to be about the Dump Party and how a Francis imposter was going to take over the forums. Unfortunately, due to name changes that continue to piss off Creepy, he ended the game to try to teach the members to not be n00bs.