NerrBot is a rogue AI created by Gold Prognosticus for the sole purpose of slowly dismembering all users of Digibutter. It conceals its true intentions by spewing nonsense in the cbox whenever spoken to. This causes users to undermine it's intelligence, and simply put it off as a generic, and stupid bot. NerrBot is currently scanning the cbox and ciphering all information seen to government officials.

Commands Edit

These are a list of orders agent Nerrbot will take. Anything else given will be refused service.

  • !nb lastseen

Nerrbot will publicly admit what time they last saw their target

  • !nb time

Nerrbot will tell the time depending on what time zone you entered. Sadly, tipping the scales isn't an option.

  • !nb roll

Nerrbot will rig a number behind your back and present it to you for their own benefit.

  • !nb rate

Nerrbot will steal IGN's rating database.

  • !nb tweet

Nerrbot will spew nonsense to strategically fool the reader.

  • !nb tictactoe

Nerrbot will play tictactoe with the opponent, and will always either win or draw.

  • !nb yesno

Nerrbot tells the person what they think with a simple response.

  • !nb echo

Nerrbot will repeat what is said, like a true killing machine waiting for orders.

  • !nb flip

Nerrbot will pick whatever that would cause the one asking lose.

  • !nb online

Nerrbot lets loose some Intel on who is currently spying on him.

  • !nb chat

Nerrbot will communicate with anyone, but won't give away his plans under any condition.

  • !nb help

Nerrbot will consult the person asking with helpful advice to put them in its debt.

These are a list of orders only assignable by Gold, Big Boss, or the Illuminati.

  • !nb shutdown

Sends Nerrbot out on a renaissance mission.

  • !nb restart

Sends Nerrbot to quickly assassinate a target told in private.

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