Paper Luigi Edit

Paper Luigi is member #92, a well known member by all. His attempt to act like Luigi failed after a couple days (All aboard the failboat!) and hasn't really tried since. Well liked by most members.

Random Facts Edit

  • Favorite Pokemon is Zigzagoon.
  • Favorite food is tacos.

Paper Luigi on teh interwebz Edit

Paper Luigi first experienced the heartstopping power on teh interwebz when he was 6, and he's been hooked ever since. He started out with small, kiddy things like Club Penguin, but now those just suck. Homestar Runner and Digibutter are all the rage. Oh, and have you ever heard of Stick Arena or Pawn Game?

Paper Luigi on Super Paper Mario Edit

Paper Luigi got Super Paper Mario soon after it came out, and to all those people who don't have it: IT'S GREAT. Anyways, as he was looking for help on the last chapter on the IGN boards, he found a topic called "Digibutter.nerr is a real site!". He clicked on the link inside, and discovere the wonderous site of Digibutter.nerr.