~There is a million ways to kill a man. This is number 932.


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Plastic Mario is the 232nd member to join Digibutter. He is also a moderator.

He is a dedicated Guild Wars fan. His primary character and internet personality is Shadowmaster, an assassin that enjoys his drink a little too much.

Months ago, Plastic changed his name to Fiberglass Mario, as part of a running joke. He changed back, however, due to high demand.

Now that I'm completely bored and there's nothing going on in the forum, I can make this actually half-decent.

As of somewhere around Jan. 10, Plastic Mario has been Plastic Miku, bearing teal-ish small text. He changed back to normal on Feb. 17.

Slightly organized stuffEdit <---Profile <---Shop

Favorite game: Guild Wars (=O)

Favorite forum: Off-Topic / RP-OT (Big surprise.)

Least favorite forum: Media (I've posted once in there, I think.)

Favorite Digibutter fad: it sank

Number of FFs wrote: 4

Number of successful FFs wrote: 1 (Just barely)

Number of secret moderator world domination plots: 9001

Number of times secret plot kept secret: -9001

Nintendo consoles owned: 3 (N64,GC and Wii)

Times worn jeans: 1

it sank: Yes

Chance I will add more after this: 10%

Outdated info: Yes


The "tapes" all started on MSN when Detective Gumshoe recorded Plastic Mario doing it with Frozenwinters. Plastic tried to destroy the "tapes" but Detective Gumshoe ran off with them and sold them on digibutter. It is current used to torture Plastic for the rest of his life.