Tisakumi...Project Tisakumi...a Mona Alt...uploading System Seven's data files on Tisakumi...


File OneEdit

Corrupting Data...I don't know how long this takes. I've been here quite awhile; watching these imbeciles from a safe distance...but something seems horribly wrong. There's some sort of interruption here...I don't know what it does, but someone here is the cause of it...I have to find this..."Corruption Source" before it's too late. I don't think that this is one of those "world destroying" corruptions I've dealt with before...but I also think it has the potential be far worse...

File TwoEdit

I've got an update. This Corruption has something to do with 'Project Tisakumi', a Digital Organism designed to be able to exist in Reality, and on the Computer. However, the project was scratched after the Original Tisakumi went awry. It seems to now exist here...but that's not all...

File ThreeEdit

I can tell that there are a few people here linked to Project Tisakumi...whether they know it or not. I'm still looking for clues in this place...I'm hoping someone knows where Tisakumi is. However, I doubt this. It seems that the people who are linked to Tisakumi have come in contact with it...but they didn't know it. The Original Tisakumi has shapeshifting abilities that I still can't understand...I'm worried about Tisakumi's potential. Problem? Normally, I could defeat it easily...but even I don't know what Tisakumi's original appearence is. All I know is that it will eat nearly anything; even living beings. However; Tisakumi is unable to fully consume anything larger than it. Thankfully, it's supposedly short. But, it leaves a bite mark that forms into the shape of a perfect circle on it's victim. It is unknown what symptoms the bite carries with it. I suppose I had better check on the locals...


Tiku...Tikumii~ Tisakumi

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