Rasto IRL


Rasto's pet cat, Fluffy.

Rasto Edit

Formerly Paper_Waluigi, Rasto is a 14-year-old Rigist, reincarnation of the Dalai Lama and inventor of pornography. He lives in Nova Scotia, Canadia.

Rasto's Relationships Edit

Maiq the Liar and Rasto are part DIABEETUS! Rasto and Yellow Magikoopa are the men now dog!

RP Alts Edit

spacecat. Spacecat is a cat from outer space who sleeps in a cryogenic tube and eats spacesquid he hunts himself. He is superior to mankind.

chadwardenn. Chad Warden is a strong advocate of the PEE ESS TRIPPA. He is also BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIN, in his own words. His youtube profile can be found here.