Ruki Motomiya is an old veteran of Digibutter, who left two times due to bad memory and forgetfullness. He is the 162nd person to join.

About Ruki Motomiya Edit

Despite the name, Ruki is actually a guy. She managed, however, to fool almost the entire Digibutter community for quite a while, much to the disdain of Larry Koopa.

Ruki Motomiya also vied for top posting spot at the time of his career.

And he is the equivalent of OVER 9000 waffles coated in awesome sauce. -Plastic

Current Relationships Edit

  • Dark Prognosticus and Ruki Motomiya are Book and pixlowner
  • Ruki Motomiya and Dark Prognosticus are Best Friends
  • Captain Blue and Ruki Motomiya are Best Friends

(Work in progress. New to wiki editings. Spelling mistakes may be here. - Ruki)

(Any help here would be appreciated, espically since I'm not good at Wiki editing. - Ruki)