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I will provide his background in six subsections. Go.

Who is Simsmagic?Edit

Simsmagic is an epic God who hangs out in Off-Topic a lot. He tends to follow bandwagons, since he's too uncreative to come up with something himself. Although the butcher knife thing went well.

What is Simsmagic?Edit

Simsmagic is usually a clone of Shadow the Hedgehog, except not emo. Lawlz. He can also be pictured as an Umbreon, cause Umbreon PWNZ YOUR ASS!

When is Simsmagic?Edit

He joined on 13 Jun 2007 under the name Juggernaut. Eventually he changed his name to what it is now. NEXT! On June 29, 2008, he changed his name temporarily to "Umbreon".

Where is Simsmagic?Edit

In real life, he lives in Florida. When he's RPing, he can normally be found in either the Space Colony ARK, or Ice Cap Zone, which PWNS YOUR ASS slightly less than Umbreon does, but enough so that it's majorly pwnsome.

Why is Simsmagic?Edit

'Cause he feels like it.

How is Simsmagic?Edit

Eh, alright. A little hungry.


Simsmagic has a Gamecube, Wii, and a 360 in terms of recent consoles. His favorite game is Timesplitters: Future Perfect for the GC, PS2, and Xbox. He suggests that you get it.

Anyways, when not doing anything else, Simsmagic enjoys designing levels for the fangame Sonic Robo Blast 2 He considers himself a modest designer, and would like to pursue a career in the video game industry when he gets older.

If you would like to see some of his levels, or have any questions about the game itself, feel free to PM him.

Simsmagic Attempts to Roleplay SuccessfullyEdit

Here is a section where I log attempts to start a successful plot. This includes the plot title, a brief description, whether it's in progress/failed/successful, and the reason WHY it failed.

Title: Gorgeon Fireman Kills Anti-Simsmagic

Description: Gorgeon Fireman relies on the use of Chaos in order to stay alive. After falling short and almost disappearing, he kills the Bitland's most chaotic character.

Status: In Progress